3 Reasons Building Wraps Are Great For Advertising

Building wraps are the new billboards. These great forms of external signage provide powerful advertising opportunities and are currently being utilised by some of the world's largest corporations across all major cities.

But, is it just about their huge size, bold and vibrant colours and often startling images, that make this form of external signage such a useful marketing tool, and why are they more effective than some other forms of advertising?

In this short article, we list 3 reasons building wraps are great for advertising, and why your business, even if it’s a small or medium business, could also benefit from building wrap marketing to advertise what you do.

3 Reasons Building Wraps Are Great For Advertising

1. Building Wraps Have A Massive Audience

Marketing in any form is about reaching a large audience or focussing on a particular audience. With a building wrap however, you have the opportunity to reach a huge and broad audience, and to get their attention daily.

Think about the last building wrap you saw – it might have been on your daily walk or drive to work, so it’s something you’ll see time and time again, and when you see something repeatedly, you naturally retain the information it contains. Now think about all the other hundreds or possibly thousands of people passing that building wrap on their regular journey, whether to work or taking the kids to school, then the power of a building wrap really starts to hit home.

Of course, the effectiveness of your building wrap is hugely dependent on its location. So, if you do invest in building wrap advertising, it’s important to think about your target audience and where they’re most likely to see it.

2. Building wraps help build brand awareness

Brand awareness is about how familiar people are with your brand. But, building brand awareness isn’t usually easy and requires getting your logo and/or product regularly in front of a large audience, or at least your target audience.

One way to increase your brand awareness would be through TV advertising, but as anyone who’s used this advertising medium would know, TV advertising isn’t cheap and is often the reserve of larger businesses or organisations.

A branded building wrap however, is relatively inexpensive, especially when pitted against large-scale TV advertising, and as mentioned above, is seen by hundreds or even thousands of people daily over a long period.

3. Building wraps are a cost-effective form of advertising

A strategic and effective advertising campaign isn’t going to be cheap, and understandably so – good advertising takes time, lots of research, and the combined effort of a team of people skilled in the art. Some forms of advertising, particularly TV ads involve longer timelines before launch. This means there is spending upfront before the actual ad is live and ongoing fees when it is aired.

With a high-quality building wrap installed in a prominent position however, once designed, printed and installed, there won’t be any ongoing costs, making them a highly cost-effective advertising solution, suitable for a whole range of different businesses.

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