4 ways illuminated signs help businesses

A look at the benefits of illuminated signage

Whether you’re in retail, construction, IT, transportation or another industry, if you’re looking for signage to illuminate and advertise what you do, your search, whether online or in person, is bound to suggest illuminated signage.

Used by all types of businesses across the globe, illuminated signs offer many benefits to business, some of which you might not have realised. Keep reading for 4 of these benefits, and if you’d like to know more, get in touch.

Illuminated signage provides round-the-clock promotion

Without back-lit signs, or signage illuminated using other methods of lighting, once you shut up shop for the day and night draws in, your business sinks into the background until the next day when you reopen the doors.

With an illuminated sign however, whether back-lit, face-lit, edge-lit or halo-lit, your business and the products or services it provides, remains visible to all those potential customers passing by at all times day and night.

4 ways illuminated signs help businesses

Illuminated signs set the tone of your business

Ever seen one of those beautiful photos or paintings of a person or people standing beneath an illuminated sign, and noticed how the glow and sparkle of the light as it catches the detail creates the tone or ambience of the image?

All businesses have a specific tone, i.e. the unique way they carry out their service, which they want to convey. The light from your illuminated signage, whether external or internal illuminated signage, helps express this tone perfectly. In practice, this could mean richly-lit illuminated shopfront signage that exudes confidence, luxury and experience, or brightly illuminated shopfront signage that gives off a strong sense of speed and efficiency.

Illuminate signs make your business more visible for a one-off cost

Visibility in business has always been essential, but never more so than it is today, both online and offline. Being visible online however, requires ongoing effort from a keen marketing team and ongoing costs. With a professionally designed and manufactured illuminated sign however, for a one-off cost, your business gains increased 24/7 visibility, by becoming more prominent and eye-catching, whether on the high street or not.

What about ongoing electricity costs?

Glad you asked. Of course, there is one ongoing cost of illuminated signage, but, modern illuminated signage utilises LED technology, with bulbs which can last up to 50 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and typically cost 74% less in ongoing electricity costs.

Illuminated signage illuminates your professionalism

Illuminated signage, when designed and manufactured by a professional and experienced sign maker, massively increases your customers and potential customers perception of your business and the professionalism it offers.

In turn, this benefit to illuminated signage helps you stand out from competitors, especially if you’re on the same high street, and gives your customers a strong sense of confidence from the moment they see or enter your premises.

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