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5 Reasons to Use Flags and Banners For Business

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Getting your message across in business can be a complicated and sometimes expensive task, especially for a smaller business.

At Future Signs and Graphics Ltd., we provide a whole range of flags, banners, poles and accessories to suit the budgets and needs of businesses of all sizes.

But, what are the benefits of using flags and banners as part of your advertising strategy, and do flags and banners have the same impact as other forms of signage?

In this short article, we cover 5 of the main reasons you should use flags and banners in your ongoing advertising strategy, or as part of a temporary promotion.

5 Reasons to Use Flags and Banners For Business

1. They’re cost-effective

Unlike some other forms of signage which requires a more labour intensive setup, flags and banners are relatively easy to produce, install and to take down, making the overall cost lower, but with a similar if not equal impact.

Also, because of some of the modern hardwearing materials and long-lasting printing techniques used in the production of flags and banners, your advertising campaign can keep working long after installation.

2. They stand out

As most business owners know, markets are crowded, so advertising campaigns and temporary promotions really need to stand out to make an impact and have any sort of ROI (Return on Investment).

Modern flags and banners allow businesses to create stunning, unique and noticeable displays using advanced, high-definition printing techniques, with installation methods designed to grab attention when and where it’s needed.

3. They beat flyers

If you’ve ever carried out an advertising campaign using flyers, you’ll know that many of your flyers, no matter how brilliant the colours or designs were, or how good the quality of the paper, a high percentage won’t be read.

With an effective flag or banner display however, whether it’s outside a retail premises, above a high street or part of a stall, your message will be loud and clear to all passers-by, giving them the incentive to engage and ask questions.

4. They’re easily moved

If you’ve invested hard earned money into an effective advertising medium, it would a shame to have to abandon it just because your business relocated, or if the nature of your business meant regularly moving premises.

With a flag and banner setup, you’ll always have the opportunity to dismantle it and transport it to wherever your next location is, and to then easily adapt it to fit in with your new surroundings.

5. They’re weatherproof

Modern flags and banners are manufactured using materials such as high-grade knitted polyester or heavy-duty PVC, and hemmed along with reenforced eyelets to prevent tearing or untethering in high winds and storms.

Also, due to hi-tech printing techniques and methods, your unique design and message will remain crisp, colourful and clear no matter how wet, warm, windy or cold the weather becomes.

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