5 Things To Think About When Making Your Commercial Sign

Commercial Signage Tips For Businesses

So, you’ve decided to make a commercial sign, or a series of commercial signs, but, where do you start? Is it just like making any other sign, or are there certain things to consider unique to commercial signs?

In this short article, we cover four of the most important points businesses think about when investing in and installing a commercial sign. If you find it helpful, please give it a share, to help anyone else thinking of making a commercial sign.

1. Where are you putting your commercial sign?

You might already have a place in mind for your commercial sign, but before going ahead and installing it, remember this one important rule: ‘Your commercial sign must be high enough to be seen from a distance, but low enough so when up close, people can still read it.’

2. Size is important when it comes to commercial signs

5 Things To Think About When Making Your Commercial Sign

It seems logical, that if you want people to see your sign, you make it as big as possible. But, the size of your commercial sign will depend a lot on where it’s situated.

For example, if you have an unusually large sign at street level, it becomes intimidating and may actually drive customers away.

And, just as importantly, if your sign’s too small customers might not even see it. So think carefully about the size of your commercial sign in relation to its location.

3. Make your commercial sign look good

Your commercial sign is one of the first things new customers see when arriving at your premises or when passing by, so it’s important it looks good and gives a great first impression.

So, when designing it, either employ a reputable signage company whose graphic designers will ensure your sign is striking, and likely to bring in more business.

Or, if you are going to design your own commercial sign, make sure you use fonts, colours and symbols etc. common for your industry, and don’t be shy about standing out.

4. Include your logo in your commercial sign

It seems obvious, right? You put your logo on your sign. Strangely enough, a lot of amateur commercial sign makers don’t always think about logos when making signs.

So, wherever you put it and however brazen you want to be, put your logo in. Your logo represents your business and your brand after all, so use your sign to show it off.

5. Make your commercial sign weatherproof

If your business is located in the UK, you’ll know that the weather can be wet and very windy at times, so your commercial sign needs to be able to withstand it.

Modern commercial signs are made from all types of weatherproof materials nowadays, so speak to your local sign maker to find out your best option.

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