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5 Tips For Building Your Brand With Signage

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Your brand is the personality you’ve chosen for your business. It’s the logos, the slogans, the tone of voice, colours and images that go together to separate your business from the competition.

There are various ways to promote your brand, such as on the internet via websites and social media, leaflets or local publications. But, one of the most effective methods of brand building, is using signage, both interior signage and exterior signage.

But, before rushing in and making expensive decisions you may regret, here are 5 tips to help make sure your signage gives your beloved brand the exposure it deserves.

5 Tips For Building Your Brand With Signage

1. Follow the Rules

It would be nice if we could just put a sign up wherever we chose, but sadly (and thankfully), there are rules, and when deciding to install your signage these rules must be followed to save wasting your time and possibly your money, when the sign gets removed.

For example, council regulations may restrict the installation of an illuminated sign, or a sign that exceeds a certain size. You could also be restricted in the language or racy images you choose, or even the font if it matches another company offering a similar product or service.

2. Think About the Function

Signage has a whole range of different purposes, from blatant advertising, to providing important company information or directional signage. So, before designing your brand specific signage, think about its intended function and where it’s going to be installed.

If for instance, you’re designing a large exterior sign, it needs to be manufactured from a weatherproof material, situated in a prominent position, and contain images and text that can be understood in an instant, especially if you’re hoping to attract attention from passing motor traffic.

3. Think About Consistency

As with any marketing campaign, consistency is key to much of its success. The same goes for your signage - if you want it to be the thing that helps you build your brand, you have to keep it consistent.

Whether it’s a set of flags or totem poles, banners or building wraps, or even small directional signs or name plates, make sure you use the colours, fonts and the general attitude of your brand, to help reach your customers, wherever they are.

4. Utilise Materials

Your signage is going to speak for your brand, so representation has to exist in every detail, such as the colours, images, fonts, but also the material the signage is manufactured from.

Imagine your business is a BBQ shack – you might want to go ultra-contemporary and use a sleek and minimalist Perspex sign. Or for that look and feel of authenticity, how about a synthetically aged wooden sign, complete with griddle marks?

5. Hire a Professional Sign Maker

The internet is full of sign makers who’ll happily design and install your brand signage. But, there is a huge difference in a good and a bad sign maker, and if you’re serious about creating a brand through signage, choose wisely.

A good sign maker, such as Future Signs & Graphics Ltd. will provide everything your branding project needs, including signage design experts, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and a team of experienced installation experts.

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