5 Vehicle wrap questions answered

Vehicle wraps are a powerful way to get your business noticed. And, unlike static signage, vehicle wraps have the potential to reach all types of prospects, in numerous postcodes and towns, anytime, day or night. But, if you are thinking of investing in a vehicle wrap or a series of vehicle wraps across your fleet of vehicles, this article answers 5 of the more common questions customers looking for vehicle wraps ask.

1. Are vehicle wraps durable

The short answer is yes, vehicle wraps are extremely durable and can last up to 5 years before they need replacing. But, the durability of your vehicle wrap will come down to various factors, including

  • The quality of the materials: If your vehicle wrap is made from high-quality, heavy-duty vinyl (with the addition of plasticizers for flexibility), and is attached using a strong adhesive, its durability and its lifespan will be maximised.
  • The quality of installation: Installing a vehicle wrap is a process that requires specific skills and experience, so as long as you use a reputable vehicle wrap specialist or signage expert, the high install quality of your vehicle wrap, will boost durability.
5 Vehicle wrap questions answered

2. Does the weather affect vehicle wraps?

No. A well-applied vehicle wrap, installed by a professional with the relevant skills and experience, using high-quality vinyl and strong adhesive, won’t be affected by extremes in weather, including hot sun, heavy snow or pouring rain. But, remember, if the vehicle you’re thinking of wrapping is regularly subjected to wet weather, check for major signs of rust. If you do find any, get the area treated before getting the wrap, as vehicle wraps won’t stick properly to rust.

3. Do vehicle wraps affect paintwork?

No. Your vehicle wrap, as long as it’s been properly applied by a professional vehicle wrapping specialist, won’t affect the paintwork of the vehicle, even when the vehicle wrap is eventually removed. In fact, having a vehicle wrap installed goes a long way to protecting the paintwork of the vehicle from minor abrasions caused by stone chips, grit, and other particles your vehicle encounters during everyday use.

4. Can vehicle wraps be washed?

Yes, you can still wash your vehicle if it has a vehicle wrap. If you wash the vehicle regularly however, handwashing would be preferable, as the brushes of automatic carwashes will eventually start lifting the vinyl.

Also, be wary of car polishes after washing your wrapped vehicle, as some polishes contain abrasives that may damage the vinyl. Instead, look out for specialist polishes designed for polishing wrapped vehicles.

5. Can vehicle wraps be repaired?

Yes, vehicle wraps can be repaired, should they get damaged or be suffering from general wear and tear. This is because the wraps are installed in sections which can be easily replaced by a vehicle wrapping professional if required.

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