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6 Surprising Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

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You see vehicle wraps everywhere – in all our towns and cities, on cars, vans, trucks and even motorbikes. But, why do so many businesses opt to cover their vehicles in vinyl, and what are the benefits?

In this short article, we’ll go over the key benefits vehicle wraps can bring to your business, plus a few other surprising benefits you stand to gain from this form of exterior signage.

1. Vehicle wraps never stop promoting

Advertising is vital to the survival of most modern businesses, but, many forms of advertising stops being effective once you shut up shop. With a vehicle wrap however, the promotion remains active whether you’re parked up for lunch, seeing a client or parked up when you get home.

6 Surprising Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

2. Vehicle wraps improve brand awareness

Getting people aware of your brand can be difficult to achieve, especially if you’re a new or small business. By installing a relatively low-cost vehicle wrap, opportunities to get your brand recognised increase substantially.

In fact, studies suggest a vehicle wrap on your vehicle can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 views of your brand per day, and another study suggests, 30% of those viewers base their buying decisions on ads such as vehicle wraps.

3. Vehicle wrap advertising is unintrusive

Much of modern advertising relies on being intrusive by interrupting people’s day to day activities, such as TV or radio advertising. With vehicle wrap advertising however, the advert is part of or an addition to the scenery, which people have the choice to look at or not.

Of course, with your vehicle wrap ad, you’ll want people to choose to look. So, getting your wrap designed and installed by a qualified and experienced vehicle wrap professional, such as Future Signs & Graphics, is vital.

4. Vehicle wraps reach all demographics

When advertising, a common practice is to aim at a certain demographic, such as the young, the old, a specific gender or culture. Whilst this way to advertise creates results, it can sometimes exclude other demographics that may be interested in your product or service.

With a vehicle wrap, you have the opportunity to reach all demographics. Think about how many different people from different groups you pass simply driving down a busy road, or passing through a city, town or village. Each person who views your ad is a potential customer, no matter what their demographic.

5. Vehicle wraps improve your vehicles image

The vehicle you use for your business is often your ‘workhorse’, and over time, it’s bound to get a bit scuffed and scratched. By covering it in a brilliantly designed vinyl wrap, you get to cover up minor damage, helping your vehicle to always look its best.

6. Vehicle wraps help protect the vehicle

A vehicle used for business will often do more mileage than the average vehicle. This extra mileage means there’s more chance for the paintwork to get damaged by stone chips or abrasions caused by tree foliage etc.

With a vehicle wrap, any minor damage is either just done to the wrap (which can be easily replaced), or if the damage goes deeper, it can be covered by a new vehicle wrap, until it can be repaired.

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