A Brief Guide to Shop Signage

Interior and Exterior Shop Signage

It could be exterior signage, interior signage, or a good mix of both, but whatever signage it is, there’s no escaping the fact that good quality, well thought out shop signage is a vital element to the retail experience.

In this short article, ‘A brief guide to shop signage’, we’ll go into the basics of shop signage, including:

  • What is shop signage?

  • What are the types of shop signage?

  • How does good shop signage help my business?

If you find the article helpful, pass it on to other shop owners or retail managers to help them get the most out of interior and exterior shop signage.

What is shop signage?

A Brief Guide to Shop Signage

Shop signage is what you’d expect it to be – signage (signs) you see on the exterior and interior of shops. But, shop signage isn’t just a way of informing customers what your shop’s called and what it sells; it’s also a reflection of your brand and the type of business you run.

For example, if your shop signage is full of bright colours, funky font and wacky illuminations, passers-by can instantly see that something fun or light-hearted happens in your shop – or in other words, you’re probably not an undertaker or solicitor, specialising in divorce.

So, to confirm what shop signage is, it’s an extension of you and your business, a way to draw in the type of customer who will be interested in the product you’re selling or the service you’re providing. With this in mind, think carefully before installing your shop signage.

What are the types of shop signage?

Good shop signage is an essential part of your retail business, and really does bring in more business – 10% more business to be precise, as stated in recent research carried out by the Signage Foundation.

But, before investing in your new shop signage, it’s important to know what types of shop signage are available, so here’s a brief list, separated into two groups, exterior signage and interior signage:

Exterior Shop Signage:

  • Two-dimensional exterior banners: This type of signage is the type you’d see across the front of a shop. Usually a simple name or logo, with each flat Perspex letter precision-cut using CNC routers.

  • Three-dimensional exterior signage: This type of signage, as the name suggests, is 3D signage, usually across the top of the shop, that protrudes outwards to create a stunning and eye-catching display.

  • Illuminated signage: An illuminated exterior sign could be a simple flat sign, subtly illuminated from each side or a much larger, 3D sign with each element or letter back-lit, face-lit or halo-lit to stand out and draw attention, even on the darkest of nights.

  • Pavement boards: Pavement boards are the type of signage usually shaped like an A, that can either be chalkboards, a poster board, or something permanent, located on the pavement outside the shop. The benefit of this type of signage is that it attracts passers-by before they look up.

  • Window graphics: Whether it’s window decals, stickers or custom graphics, window graphics are a highly effective form of semi-permanent exterior shop signage, usually used to inform passers-by of an ongoing or upcoming promotion.

Interior Shop Signage:

  • Directional signage: Once you’ve enticed potential customers into your shop, you want them to be able to locate either what they’re looking for, or what you want them to see. This is where good directional signage comes into its own, whether free-standing or affixed to a wall, flat lettering, 3D, or illuminated.

  • A-Boards: Similar to the exterior A-Boards, interior A-Boards are the perfect way to draw attention to promotions, and have the advantage of being easy to move to the most prominent positions.

  • Window graphics: Window graphics don’t have to be confined to the exterior of your shop, and work just as well when facing inwards, or on Perspex screens used to help prevent the spread of COVID19.

How does good shop signage help my business?

As mentioned above, good shop signage can help your business increase profits by up to and beyond 10%. But, more generally speaking, good shop signage has three key benefits to your business, including:

  • Shop signage gets people to remember you: If you’re a high street retailer, battling with all the other competition, you want passers-by to recognise you, and more importantly, remember who you are, and what better way than with a stunning shop sign?

  • Shop signage informs people: Not every retailer wants to stand outside their shop shouting about the latest promotion, but with a great signage strategy you have the perfect, direct way to get the attention you need.

  • Shop signage looks great: Whether your shop is located in an old or new building, shop signage is one of the best ways to improve the look and create the look and personality of your brand.

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