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Common Uses for Roller Banners

Whether you are presenting at a conference, tradeshow, convention or private meeting, using a retractable banner is an excellent option. Retractable banners offer effective brand presentation whilst being lightweight and easy to move from place to place.


At tradeshows pop up banners are the perfect visual tool to draw attention to your business by emphasising specific products or services. For maximum impact, set up the banner in front of the booth facing the direction of the heaviest foot traffic. For darker showrooms or conference centres, you can also make your banner stand out using a series of lighting techniques.


If you are looking to enhance the conference you are hosting or attending, a roller banner will do the trick. Use these banners to promote important speakers, emphasise key points and indicate areas of the venue currently in use. Pop up banners can also be a useful tool to direct foot traffic around the conference and avoid unnecessary congestion and inconvenience.

Common Uses for Roller Banners


A banner is a very useful visual aid when presenting to an audience, it will not only provide information, it will also convey a consistent visual message. The size and manoeuvrability of retractable banners will offer flexible placement whilst making professional presentations in small rooms possible.

Product Launches

Whatever your new product or service might be, using a pop up banner to announce it will help your launch to get off the ground. The portability of the banner, combined with its carrying case allows for promoting at different locations in quick succession.

The versatile and portable design of the retractable banner allows for maximum flexibility and use in a variety of situations and locations. From trade shows to presentations they are perfect for bringing your brand to life.

Flexible Signage Solutions at Future Signs

At Future Signs we are signage experts and offer a wide selection of internal signage solutions. Our roller banners are available in various shapes and sizes including interior and exterior designed banners. Throughout the project from the design to manufacture, our highly skilled team will keep you fully involved to ensure we are fulfilling all of your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your next project.