Does vehicle wrapping for advertising work?

When investing in any sort of advertising for your business, your main goal is to generate Return On Investment (ROI). With this in mind, you may ask – does vehicle wrap advertising work and provide the ROI you’re looking for?

In this article, we dig down into what vehicle wrap advertising or vehicle wrapping is, how effective it is, and some of the reasons it is a great form of cost-effective advertising, available to businesses of all sizes and types.

What is vehicle wrapping for advertising?

The name pretty much says it all, but to go into a little more detail – vehicle wrapping for advertising is applying a vinyl vehicle wrap advertising your business or product, to the outside of your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles.

Does vehicle wrapping for advertising work?

Your vehicle wrap could cover any single part of your vehicle, and for the powerful impact and a chance to stand out, you could have your entire vehicle covered, including the bonnet, the doors, the back end, and even the roof.

How effective is vehicle wrapping for advertising?

Vehicle wrap advertising can generate thousands of impressions every day just by driving around conducting your daily business. Thereby, reinforcing your brand to those who already know it and boosting brand awareness more effectively than other forms of advertising.

Additionally, according to the Government’s Vehicle Licensing Statistics, in 2022, there were 33.1 million cars, 4.61 million LGVs, 0.54 million HGVs, and 1.45 million motorcycles registered in the UK. This massive and growing number of vehicles on UK roads, translates into a ‘massive and growing’ number of people that will see your vehicle wrap advertising, which could translate into more leads for your business.

Reasons to choose vehicle wrapping for advertising

There are various powerful reasons to choose vehicle wrapping as one of the core advertising mediums for your business. Some of the reasons that stand out include:

  • You’re always advertising – With your vehicle wrap installed, whether you’re driving through a busy town, through a small village or parked up outside your house, you’re always advertising.

  • It’s cost-effective – In fact, vehicle advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor advertising, because it’s only a one-off payment which keeps on providing ROI.

  • It can improve the look of your vehicle – A professionally installed vehicle wrap is the perfect cover for those dents, scratches and scrapes most commercial vehicles get over their lifetime.

  • Vehicle wraps improve road safety – Due to the reflective quality of a vinyl vehicle wrap, your vehicle becomes a lot more visible, and some studies suggest, vehicle wraps reduce night collisions by up to 40%.

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