Exterior Signage - Which Type is Best For Your Business

Exterior Signage Specialists

From building wraps to banners and shop signage, exterior signage has a number of uses and can be used to promote a new deal or offer and also increase brand awareness for your business. Exterior signage can be either standalone or physically attached to your business premises to make sure that you stand out from your competition.

Below we have listed some of the most popular external signage options and their uses for your business:

Shop Front Signage

As the name suggests, shop front signage is designed to create a lasting impression for potential customers walking or driving past your premises. Shop front signage can be used across a number of different industries including pubs, bars, hotels, shops and more. Shop front signage is often illuminated and ensures that your brand stays visible throughout the entire day.

Site Hoarding Boards

Exterior Signage  - Which Type is Best For Your Business

Although they are a legal requirement for all sites under development, decorated site hoarding boards are also a popular form of advertising and can be used to promote an upcoming project, event or important message. Due to their large size, they are an ideal place to position eye-catching graphics and branded messages to passersby.

Site Traffic Signage

Similarly to site hoardings, site traffic signage are also a legal requirement for construction sites in order to avoid any accidents and maintain order on site. There are several types of site traffic signs that are commonly used including speed limit signs, pedestrian crossing signs and directional signage which can be branded up to match your individual business.

Directional and Wayfinding Signs

Directional and wayfinding signs can be used both internally and externally to direct people to a place of interest in and around your business. Directional signage needs to be clear and concise and can come in a variety of different options including wall signage, poles and monoliths, pavement signage and hoarding boards.

Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics

Another popular form of exterior signage is vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping is a low-cost advertising medium that allows you to advertise your brand when on the move or even parked on a busy road or car park. Vehicle wrapping can be applied to all types of cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles and can come in the form of full wraps, partial wraps as well as vinyl lettering to display your company logo, contact information and more.

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