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External Signage Tips

Top 10 tips for success

Top 10 tips for External Signage

External signage is extremely important. It is the first thing a customer or client will see before stepping into a business, here is our top 10 tips to ensure you make a good impression:

1. Purpose - Think carefully about the purpose of the signage, is it purely branding or functional?

2. Safety - Make sure regular maintenance checks are carried out to uphold the safety of staff and passersby. Watch out for any changes in the condition of the signage and the electrical components.

3. Materials - Illuminated, built up lettering could complement a retail unit in the city centre, however may not be appropriate for a law firm in a market town. Moreover, not every business wants to create the effect that they are upmarket and consequently expensive, some want their signage to convey the fact that they are low-cost.

4. Font - Typography should convey the character and spirit of your company.

External Signage Tips

5. Colours - Colours can be used to say different things, but tones are equally important. Yellow is a bold vibrant colour but can also be used in lemon tones to create a more mellow feeling. Solid colours are striking whereas gradients create softer effects.

6. Lighting - Lighting can be used to make signs stand out on a crowded high street or as a beacon to a more remote location. Strip or spot lighting are popular, but Ice White for example, whilst effective, can be harsh. Warm amber tones can create a much softer effect.

7. Planning Permission - Signs above a certain size may require planning permission depending on the use of the building. Planning laws can also differ depending on location.

8. Heritage - Think about the building where the sign is going to be placed. A very modern sign against the backdrop of a victorian building for example could look out of place.

9. Visibility - Take the time to visit all of the angles and locations your sign will be viewed from and ensure that both long and short distance perceptions provide an excellent representation of your brand.

10. Temporary Signage - Don’t be tempted into thinking that signs which will only be in use for a short time require less effort. Site Hoarding, for example may have a short life span but can provide you with an advertising opportunity.

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Here at Future Signs, we have been designing and producing external signage for companies throughout the local area for more than 18 years. Throughout this time we have helped hundreds of businesses develop their brand and business with high quality signage. Based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, our location provides us ideal access to customers across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. For further information, contact us today and speak to our team who will be happy to assist.