Is Fleet Branding A Good Idea?

Yes, fleet branding is a great idea and something most major businesses do as a matter of course, due to its effectiveness as an advertising medium, and a way of providing important information to a broad range of customers.

But, let’s dig into branding your business’s fleet of vehicles a little deeper, and look at some of the key reasons you should be investing in it, including a couple of reasons you might not have thought about, especially number 4.

1. Vehicle branding gets attention

Although static ads can be surprisingly powerful, the same ad on a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles will draw more attention due to the fact it’s moving, and science has proven that moving objects are better at drawing attention.

Think of it like this – when a lion is hunting a zebra, if the zebra stays still, it stands a lot better chance of not getting seen. As soon as it moves however, it catches the lion's eye, in much the same way as a moving ad catches ours.

Is Fleet Branding A Good Idea?

And, when it comes to fleet branding, with a well-thought-out and beautifully designed ad on each of your vehicles, your business stands to get noticed easier and more often, and as a result you get far better brand recognition.

2. You get better reach

If you have a static ad situated at the side of the road, it will get noticed, but, the reach you get depends on the people passing by, whether it’s by foot or by vehicle, and at certain times that reach could dramatically decrease.

With a fleet of branded vehicles driving about town however, your ad is forever moving into different areas, therefore maximising the chance to increase the number of people who see it and respond to it.

3. You get to advertise during downtime

Whether your drivers are stuck in traffic, or taking a well-earned break in a café, for those periods of inevitable downtime, your fleet branding strategy goes on putting out that vital message to anyone in the area.

Of course, this is the same with a static ad, such as a billboard or even a shop sign, but the difference with fleet branding is that the vehicle is always at different locations, so, during that downtime, new passers-by are seeing it for the first time.

4. Fleet branding is unattractive to thieves

According to trusted sources, including Motor Biscuit, vehicle thieves hate stickers, or any other identifiable add-ons to vehicles, therefore, a fully wrapped vehicle that would be easy to spot by the police, is far less likely to get stolen.

Fleet branding design also gives you the option to add messages, such as a phone number the public should call if they see the vehicle being driven out of work hours, or out of its usual area of operation.

5. You only pay once

Many forms of advertising, although effective in their own way, involve ongoing costs to keep displaying the ad, whereas, with fleet branding, truck branding or van branding, you just pay the once, and keep getting all the benefits.

Yes, you might need to refresh the vehicle wraps from time to time, but, due to the newest technology in vinyl vehicle wrapping, most vehicle wraps when applied correctly, will last and still look great for up to a year and beyond.

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