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How to Set Apart Your Brand with Signage

Competition for business is extremely high throughout a number of industries. By utilising signage effectively, you can drive traffic and increase overall brand awareness.

Capture Your Brand’s Identity

Signage is an extremely effective technique that can transfer information to your audience at a short glance giving them an immediate impression of your business. First impressions are integral to generating business. Well designed signage can portray the personality of your brand and attract potential customers.

Big and Bold

In today’s society, attention spans are very short and people are often overloaded with information, therefore big and bold signage, which, quickly highlights the information you're trying to get across is most effective.

How to Set Apart Your Brand with Signage

The Three Signage Rules

Visibility - When designing and installing your signage it is imperative that you consider how it will look from a number of angles and distances. Illuminated signage is a further method to boost presence with around the clock exposure.

Readability - The clearer your signage, the more effective it will be. A simple design with minimal information will make sure that it appeals to a wider audience thus boosting your overall brand awareness

Distinction - A sign that stands out from the surroundings, will be more easily noticed by the eye. leading to increased brand awareness and attention.

Utilise various signage options

As well as external signage such as shop signs, there are several other signage types which can be used to increase brand awareness. For example, depending on your business it may be suitable to use vehicle wrapping which will expose your brand whenever the vehicle is on the move or parked. In addition branding your premises with window graphics, wall art and logo mats can also have a positive effect on your business.

Interior and Exterior Signage at Future Signs

Here at Future Signs Ltd. we have been designing and producing a variety of high quality signage for businesses across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire for over 20 years. Our extensive industry experienced has allowed us to build a strong reputation in the local area as one of the most effective signage suppliers, consistently supplying stunning results.