Should I install my own signage?

So, you need to install some signs. Maybe it’s interior signage, such as interior office signs, shop signs, or the installation of safety signage for a health centre or leisure centre etc. Or maybe you’re thinking of exterior signage, such as window graphics, banners, or even building wraps.

Now you need to make the decision of whether to install the signage yourself, perhaps to help save a bit of money, especially in this tough financial climate; or to hire a reputable sign maker and sign installation specialist, with all the costs associated with the professional service.

In this short article, we look a little deeper into the sign installation process, to help you make the decision of whether to go it alone, or to hire a signage professional. We’ll also include a few signage installation hints and tips, for those determined to take matters into their own hands.

Should I install my own signage?

What do you need to think about when installing signs?

Before installing your signs, there are a few important factors to consider, some of which could save you from having to uninstall your signage once you’ve put all the work into getting it up. The factors include:

  • Getting Permission

    Although some signage, particularly interior signage, may not require specific permission from the local authority, permission needs to be one of your first considerations when it comes to installing your signs.

    Installing exterior signage in particular, such as shopfront signage or large banners, could and often does require permission from the council who will have specific regulations you must adhere to, which may include:

    • The sign must be safely installed
    • The sign must be kept clean
    • Permission has been granted from the landowner to install the sign
    • The sign doesn’t obscure transport routes
    • The sign must be removed safely if requested by the local authority
  • Layout

    If you’re intending to install a series of interior signs and/or exterior signs, the layout needs to be carefully considered. So, before installing your signs, draught out a plan, looking at things including:

    • The height of each sign, relevant to the eyeline of visitors, especially if many of your visitors use wheelchairs, or are children.
    • Whether the sign might be obscured by an open door, a queuing area, or tree foliage, particularly during the spring and summer.
    • How best to install your signs in a way that doesn’t confuse or potentially lead visitors to dangerous or restricted areas.
  • Power Source

    If you intend to install illuminated signage or digital messaging signage etc., you’ll need to ensure the sign is installed near a suitable power source, and that connecting to that power source doesn’t create a safety hazard.

DIY signage installation hints and tips

If the potential difficulties of DIY signage installation doesn’t deter you from doing things yourself, here are a few hints and tips that might help.

  • Carry out a site survey first – Before getting your tools out and constructing a 10ft by 20ft billboard, carry out a thorough site survey, including measuring to ensure you have enough space and checking out anchoring points.

  • Make sure you have permission – As mentioned above, it’s vital you get permission before installing your sign, as you might be ordered to take it down should it not comply with local regulations.

  • Be safe – Installing signage, particularly large exterior signage can be extremely dangerous if it’s not done using the right safety equipment, including stabilised ladders, scaffolding, hard hats and relevant harnesses.

  • Use a template – Before drilling holes in walls or digging holes in the ground, make up a cheap template to help you get a good idea of what the sign will look like before all the hard work involved in the installation.

And if all that seems like too much…
Hire a signage installation expert! A professional signage company will take care of the whole signage process, including ensuring you have the right permission, the design of the signage and the layout, the signage creation, and finally, the professional signage installation.

Signage Installers

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