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The Art of Rebranding

Give your business a new look

The Rebranding Experts

Sometimes a business needs to rebrand its image due to a variety of issues, for example, it may be the case that your branding no longer truly represents what your business does and therefore it may be time to update your business image.

Whether your business is a large corporate company with multiple sites across the country or a small independent business with a standalone site, rebranding can be an important step towards growing your company and increasing brand awareness.

The Importance of a Logo

A company logo is one of the first connections between a customer and your business. A good logo can leave a lasting impression on clients providing it is appropriate to the business, memorable and uncomplicated. A good reason to rebrand is to increase clarity and visibility for your brand. Even large corporations make changes to their logos, even if for the sole purpose of modernity.

The Art of Rebranding

Earlier this year, Google made the largest change to its logo in the company’s 17-year history and companies such as eBay and Microsoft have also updated their logos in favour of clean san serif fonts and simplified trademarks.

A further opportunity which comes with rebranding is the chance to make technological strides. A new logo could signify a revamped website or new look on social media, however it can also mark a new target demographic or product.

Keeping Up With The Times

As technology continues to advance the presence of competition forces like-minded businesses to evolve and innovate. In such circumstances, rebranding can make your business stand out amongst the competition. When a business reevaluates its image, online presence and main competition, it can use that information to rebrand itself into a market leader.

Here at Future Signs we are interior and exterior signage experts and have been working with businesses across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire as well as further afield for over a decade. Whether you are a small or corporate business requiring our rebranding service, our expert team are here to help. We are currently working with several large corporate companies to rebrand their image across several sites in the UK.

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