What is office branding, and how does signage help?

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So, you’ve got a great logo, you’ve branded your website, your social media, and even your stationery. But, what about the office? Have you made it your own, or is it just like any old office, with no visual cue which company occupies it?

If your office is ‘just like any old office’, it’s probably time you thought seriously about office branding, and not just to put a few extra quid in the pocket of an interior designer or office branding expert.

What is office branding?

Okay, now you know you’re in need of office branding, what exactly is office branding? To put it simply, office branding is creating a look throughout your office using various forms of signage, decorative items and techniques, that show:

  • Who you are as a business
  • What your values are as a business
  • How professional you are as a business
What is office branding, and how does signage help?

Getting your office branding right is also vital to help your employees develop a positive relationship with your business, including its values, its culture, and the message it needs to convey to its customers.

What can I use to brand my office?

There are many items you could use to brand your office, including brand coloured carpet, branded furniture, branded tech, strategic lighting, and a whole range of signage, from large statement signs, to window graphics, to smaller, logoed directional or informational signs.

The important thing to remember when choosing any items or décor for branding your office, is that you’re creating a vibe, or an atmosphere that matches the feel and tone of your business, and how you operate. For example, if your business has a conservative, serious vibe to it, you’re not going to want a circle of pink beanbags, funky free-standing LED lettering, luminous Perspex desks, and a feature sign that says ‘fun, fun, fun’.

However, if you’re running an events business for young children, the pink beanbag idea might be exactly what you’re looking for, to create that vibe that instantly tells visitors, ‘you’re in the funhouse now’.

How does signage help with office branding?

Signage, whether it’s used for window branding, interior office branding, floor branding, or office glass branding, is one of the key elements needed to give your office that unique brand feel you’re looking for. Depending on the type of signage you use, signage gives you the opportunity to create a colour palette, a tone of voice, and to directly convey messages throughout the office using flat lettering, or 3D illuminated lettering etc.

4 types of signage that work best in an office?

Below, we’ve put together a short list of the types of signage that work best in any office, and help to accentuate your brand in the most powerful way possible.

  1. Logo Signage

    Your logo is central to your branding strategy, therefore logo signage, whether it’s logos printed on directional signage, on tech, desks, windows or doors, is essential to pull all your other branding ideas together, and to leave visitors in no doubt about where they are.

  2. Window Graphics

    Window graphics, whether a representation of your logo, or another image portraying your brand's values, culture or product etc., provide a great visual opportunity to really extend your brand, its colour and vibe into your office space.

  3. Directional Signs

    It’s not just about the big statement pieces – office branding is also about the smaller details, such as brand elements printed on each of your office’s directional signs, whether it’s a sign directing visitors to the boardroom or to the bathroom.

  4. Reception Signage

    The reception or lobby area of your office is the place many of your prospective clients will see first, so getting the branding right using specific signage is vital, whether it’s front desk signage, branded directional signage, logo mats, or stunning, free-standing 3D lettering.

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