Why is signage so important?

A look at 3 Types of Signage

It’s a sign. The sign of the times. Follow the signs. The signs were there….There’s no getting away from it, signs are part of our culture, the way we communicate, how we help people find their way, or how we show off our business.

In this short article, we break down the reasons why signs are so important and give you 3 examples of signage modern businesses are using to promote what they do and to help create or reinforce their brand identity.

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Could we live without signage?

Picture a world without signage. Imagine going into town to buy some groceries, get a screwdriver for that DIY project, or to get that tattoo you’ve been meaning to get. Now picture that same journey, without signage.

Why is signage so important?

We’re talking about wayfinding signage for the journey. Signage for parking and how to pay. Shop signage (so you don’t ask for a tattoo in the hardware store), and even the smaller signs to know if the shop is open or where the toilets are.

Signage is everywhere, and usually, this internal and external signage works so well, that it becomes almost invisible. But take it away, and it’s not an exaggeration to say, society would fall into chaos and confusion.

3 Types of signage

In the competitive world of business, getting noticed is crucial to survival. And whilst many businesses use online avenues to advertise, physical signage is still one of the best ways to create visibility for your business.

Below, we’ve listed 3 types of signage modern businesses are employing sign makers and signage installers to create, to ensure their business is seen by the right people in the right places.

  1. Site hoarding

    Site hoarding is fast becoming THE method for many businesses to advertise. Printed using the latest in digital technology, and using rigid and waterproof materials in its construction, site hoarding not only provides an opportunity to maximise visibility but also provides extra security for your site.

  2. Illuminated Signage

    Much like site hoarding, modern, illuminated signage is the way many of today’s businesses are vying for attention. Whether back-lit, edge-lit, face-lit or halo-lit, illuminated signage provides various benefits, including:

    • Creating a more welcoming environment, especially if your business is situated in a dimly-lit area

    • Making your business more visible and recognizable, even from a distance.

    • Providing a more dynamic appearance to your business and the goods or services it offers.

  3. Vehicle Graphics

    As signage goes, vehicle graphics are one of the top and most effective methods of getting noticed. Printed and manufactured using the very latest technology, these vinyl wraps turn your whole fleet of cars and vans into a travelling billboard, with the added benefit of helping to protect the vehicle's paint job.

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