3 Things To Think About When Choosing An Exhibition Stand

If you’re about to attend a trade show, or some other type of exhibition where you want to show off your business, you’re going to need an effective exhibition stand. Whether it’s a roller banner, a popup stand, or a literature stand, before making your choice, there are a few important things to think about to ensure you create the right effect for your business, and showcase it in a way that get’s the results you need.

In this short article, we’ve picked out three of the most important considerations all businesses should make when choosing their exhibition stands, whether for large or small scale exhibitions or fairs.

1. Exhibition Stand Design

Of course, the design of your exhibition stand is what will get your business noticed amongst the many other businesses vying for attention at the exhibition.

But, remember, the design isn’t only about the amazing graphics pictured on the stand; it is also about the design of the stand itself, how it looks, how easy and quick it is to assemble, and how it’s suited to your business.

3 Things To Think About When Choosing An Exhibition Stand

Types of exhibition stands include:

  • Roller banner stands: Roller banner stands are compact, spring-loaded units, that come in indoor and outdoor models, can be single, or double-sided for ultimate impact, and are easy for one person to set up.
  • Literature stands: Effectively a portable book shelf, literature stands are the perfect way to offer leaflets and booklets whilst also showcasing your brand.
  • Popup stands: A popup stand is a highly portable stand that can be designed and manufactured in a whole range of shapes, including L-shapes or curved, and include graphics printed in rich, high-definition colours.

So, make sure to choose a signage company that supplies a wide range of innovatively designed exhibition stands, of all sizes and shapes, and has an experienced team of signage and branding experts on hand to help you make the right choice.

2. Exhibition Stand Printing

The idea of an exhibition display is to create something that’ll make visitors to the exhibition or trade show, stop and look at your stand, and hopefully ask about what you offer.

To do this effectively, comes largely down to ensuring you have a high-quality, high-resolution print finish on your exhibition stand, and other elements of your display.

As with the design of your exhibition stand, make sure to choose a signage company that offers exceptionally high-quality printing, and has a range of different printing options and methods, for different types of materials.

3. Lighting

So, you have the perfect set of roller banners, and popup banners etc., all printed in high-definition, using designs that really do pack a punch. But, without the right lighting, situated in the most effective locations, your entire display might be underwhelming, and fail to create the effect you require.

With this in mind, choose an exhibition signage company that has the experience and the resources to help ensure the lighting of your display sets the exact tone needed, to help you attain your ultimate business goals.

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