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4 Types of Signage That All Businesses Need

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For many businesses, signage is used to promote their brand, products or services and even help customers find you as well as increasing sales. Today, there are many different signage options a company can utilise to market their business, in this article we will highlight some of the key signage types and their benefits.

Shop Signs

Whether you are walking down a high street, town centre or retail park, shop signage can make your business stand out from your competition. A good shop sign not only tells people they have arrived, but it also promotes your company to those who are passing by and this can help generate business as new customers discover you. Depending on the needs of your business, shop signs can be 2D, 3D, illuminated and more.

External Signage

4 Types of Signage That All Businesses Need

Besides shop front signage there are a number of other external signs that can be used to entice new customers. For businesses whose shop front is not immediately visible from the road, it can be difficult to be seen by passers-by. One of the main ways of getting around this is to install a sign closer to the roadside. Monolith signs are a great way to do this, as they are freestanding and do not need to be affixed to a building. Other options include building wraps and large format banners or flags.

Interior Signage

Indoor signage also carries out a number of important functions. Interior signage provides you with an excellent opportunity to engage customers, boost morale and direct customers in your office or shop. Popular forms of internal signage include: wall art, directional signs, logo mats and much more.

Vehicle Signage

For companies which have vehicles, not having vehicle signage is a missed opportunity. Modern, high-vis vehicle graphics let you turn your company van or car into a professional looking, attention-grabbing advertisement. Whether driving or parked, your vehicle will get seen by thousands of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians every week.

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