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4 Advantages of Monoliths & Totem Signs

High-Quality Signage

Often used to provide key information in public areas such as leisure centres or retail parks, monoliths can also be used as internal navigation or promotional signage. They can be placed on both hard and soft ground for all of your specific requirements.

Below we have highlighted 5 advantages of utilising monoliths and totem signs:

1. Free-Standing Signage

One of the major advantages of monolith and totems is that they do not need to be attached to buildings, walls or fences. As a free-standing sign, they have their own structural frame that enables them to be placed almost anywhere.

2. 24/7 Visibility

Similar to illuminated signage, free-standing monoliths and totems can also be lit up to ensure that they are visible in poor weather and during the hours of darkness.

4 Advantages of Monoliths & Totem Signs

3. Tall Signage

Provided your local authority have no objection, there is no limit to the size that a freestanding sign can be built. Increasing the height of a sign erected by the side of a road enables it to be read from further away, as someone passing by is less likely to have their view of it obscured by the traffic in front of them. This gives them more opportunity to notice it and a longer time to read the information being displayed.

4. Unlimited Design Options

Depending on your specific requirements, monolith and totem signs can be created in many forms, from basic, flat panels to highly sophisticated, fabricated and illuminated corporate designs in a variety of colours.

Monoliths & Totem Displays

For more than two decades, at Future Signs, we have been creating high-quality monoliths and totems for businesses nationwide. Our totem displays are specially created to cater to all of your specific requirements, whatever your specific needs, our team will have the solution for you.

To discuss your specific needs with a member of our signage team, please do not hesitate to contact us today.