5 Reasons building contractors should partner with a signage company

If you’re a building contractor, and your customers regularly require various types of signage as part of the deal, you really should consider partnering with a professional signage company, for a variety of reasons.

In this short article, we’ve listed 5 reasons why building contractors, especially newbuild contractors, should form a partnership with a signage company, preferably one that regularly works with construction firms.

5 Reasons building contractors should partner with a signage company
  1. It’s a chance to gain more business

    We’re talking about a partnership after all, and in the same way you’ll be bringing new customers to the signage company you partner with, they’ll be happy to introduce you to some of their customers that require the thing you do.

    This is the main reason contractors of all sizes, from local independent contractors to large housing developers go into partnerships with other companies - to expand their reach and find new audiences looking for the services they provide.

  2. It’s a chance to explore new markets

    In a similar vein to gaining more customers, as a building contractor partnering with a reputable signage company, you open up the possibility of your business exploring markets you may not have considered before. For example – if you manage a shopfitting business, a well-established signage company will have contacts working in the exhibitions and events industry, each one requiring the sort of skills a good shopfitter has.

  3. Your knowledge and skills increase

    When you partner with a good sign maker, it’s a bit like your construction firm employing a new team. And, in that team, you have workers with skills and knowledge your team may not have, skills that you can then offer to your customers. Most of these new skills will be based on designing, creating and manufacturing signs.

  4. You get consistent signage on every site

    Good signage, including building wraps, directional signage and safety warning signage, plays a huge part in keeping each of your construction projects looking their best, and more importantly, maintaining a high level of safety.

    By partnering with a reputable signage company, you’ll always have consistency in the quality and design of your signage, which in turn will help your sites look better, and help your business maintain a good reputation.

  5. It’s a worry off your mind

    As any building contractor will know, pulling a construction project together can be stressful, but, by outsourcing the signage for the site to a signage company partner you trust, you can focus on other parts of the project.

    Whether we’re talking building wraps, safety signs, or directional signs, your signage company partner will have all the skills and resources necessary to ensure your signs are made as requested and delivered on time.

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