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All you need to know about building wraps

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In this short article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions asked about building wraps, and let you know of some of the benefits you’ll gain from installing one.

What are building wraps?

If you drive through any major town or city, you’ll see plenty of building wraps. They’re those huge covers over partially constructed or renovated buildings, usually printed with adverts, project information, or sometimes a realistic image of what the finished building will eventually look like.

What are building wraps made from?

Most building wraps are made out of solid PVC or PVC mesh, one-way vision film, vinyl, and other durable materials that are waterproof and fade-resistant.

How are building wraps printed?

All you need to know about building wraps

Building wraps are usually printed either as a whole or in sections on wide format and super wide format printing machines.

At Future Signs and Graphics Ltd., our large format printing technology is able to print any image or graphic in high-definition and in any size or shape.

How are building wraps installed?

Building wraps are usually attached to a ‘picture frame’ scaffolding setup, designed to comfortably support the wrap, even in high winds. For tall or awkward structures, the installation would be carried out using specialist lifting equipment, such as cherry pickers or scissor lifts.

What are the benefits of building wraps?

Below, we’ve listed 5 of the key benefits of installing a modern building wrap:

1. Building wraps improve safety and security

Buildings under construction or renovation can be hazardous, especially for unqualified visitors or intruders. With a full building wrap installed, you reduce unwanted attention from onlookers, have more control over who enters the site, and because of the flame retardant nature of PVC, you’re better able to contain a fire.

2. Building wraps provide weather protection

Many of the processes involved in construction rely on maintaining dry or temperate conditions. A full building wrap constructed from a non-porous material will create a moisture-controlled, wind-free environment, perfect for carrying out most onsite construction tasks.

3. Building wraps shield the construction process

Construction sites are generally noisy and dirty, and that noise and dirt can have a negative impact on the surrounding area. With a building wrap installed, not only is the dust, dirt and smoke contained, you also have the advantage of significant noise reduction.

4. Building wraps are a highly-effective advertising medium

As well as all the practical benefits of building wraps to the construction project, they also have the added benefit of being a highly effective and profitable advertising medium. This is largely due to the size of the wrap and the fact that it’s unmissable to passing pedestrians and vehicular traffic day and night.

5. Building wraps create a good reputation

Building works are often met with negativity from the surrounding community because of the disruption, noise and dirt. By installing a building wrap, you not only shield the community from the dirt and noise, you also have the opportunity to involve and endear the community with creative and engaging designs.

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