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Creating Memorable Business Signs

Get the most out of your signage

The best business signs are always the most interesting, they are able to capture someones interest even when they are not even really looking for them.

Here we have a list of design tips to maximise your investment:

Make it Colourful

You won't get too far trying to be understated, don't be afraid to utilise colour within your design. By using contrasting colours that are bold and bright you can make people take notice of your brand.

Make it Succinct

The less information the better. Ideally you want people to know and understand what your business is about from as little as a quick glance.

Make it interesting

Creating Memorable Business Signs

By ensuring your sign does not simply blend into it's surroundings you can ensure people can see your business even when they're not really looking for it.

Make it different

Having a compelling or thoughtful sign that provides an entertainment value can be a factor in potential customers noticing your business.

Put it in the right place

Low signs are ideal for when people are driving around town but when on an A road, a sign on a tall building can be seen better.

Common Mistakes

Ensuring your business gets noticed and provides a potential customer with a positive and lasting first impression is a vital ingredient in ensuring you have a successful business.

For many businesses, their signage is well-proportioned, balanced, eye catching and entirely colour-coordinated. In other words, completely predictable and invisible.

  1. Purposely designed to be understated

  2. Made to fit within their surrounding environment

  3. Includes too much information

  4. Placed way too high away from a persons natural perspective