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Enhance Your Customer Experience With Signs

Signs are important to the success of your business. Apart from letting clients and customers know where you are located, signs can be used to enhance the experience of your customers, visitors or event attendees. It can be easy to lose sight of the little things that make a big difference to others when you’re used to a particular environment. Use signs to make it easy to navigate your premise or event location, provide useful information, reinforce your branding and communicate important messages.

Point guests in the right direction by providing useful information

Hosting a business conference, charity event or music festival? While these events are quite different, there is essential signage each should have. Firstly a welcome or reception area sign; here attendees can purchase or present tickets and collect registration packets. Signs identifying where to queue, where the main stage or hall is, food and drink areas and where the toilets are, can help attendees get to where they want to go without confusion. Additionally, use signage to point your guests in the right direction online with signs of your social media handles and event hashtag.

Enhance Your Customer Experience With Signs

Reinforce your branding

Your signage should integrate your brand colours, fonts schemes and design elements to help reinforce your brand and maintain consistency across locations. So from a billboard on a busy roadside to directional signs in your parking lot, right down to signs on the walls or doors of your business, all of these should have a familiarity and be reflective of your brand. This helps your guests and visitors associate your brand with your business.

Communicate important messages

During the peak of the pandemic and as lockdowns ended and businesses reopened, it was important to communicate messages to shoppers reminding them of the government’s Covid19 guidelines. Posters and display panels were convenient ways of reminding shoppers of the “Hands-Face-Space” government tagline. Floor stickers provided cues on where to stand to maintain the 2m distance when queuing and helped guide the flow of foot traffic in and out of stores.

Changes to opening hours during festive periods can be helpful to customers. Use signs to communicate these changes in opening hours.

Inspire and motivate

Signage can also be used to inspire and motivate. Wall decals and window graphics can be used to feature motivational quotes or to tell the story about the company. Let your customers and employees learn about your company values, mission and goals. Make it fun and interesting by getting creative with the graphics, but be sure to stay true to your brand.

Let us help you

We hope this article has stirred your interest to create signage that would enhance the experience of your customers and visitors. The team at Future Signs will be happy to help you with your signage; our service includes installing both internal and external signage so you can focus on what you do. Contact us today to discuss available options and the best solutions for your business.