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External Signage Options

What are the Options and Materials on Offer?

Exterior signs are the first contact a customer is likely to make with your business and it is, therefore, vital your exterior signage is welcoming and represents your brand in the best way possible to ensure you deliver a positive first impression.

Looking for a long lifespan?

For external signage that is robust and will stand the test of time, polyester powder coated aluminium is invariably the best solution. An anti-graffiti coating, such as Clearguard, can also be applied during the manufacturing process giving added protection from fading and tagging. External signs can also be produced from cheaper, composite materials or plastics but they are likely to degrade much quicker, are more susceptible to the elements and will have a shorter lifespan.

Need a quick fix?

External Signage Options

If you need a temporary solution select a composite material, such as Dibond. Plastic is another alternative, cheaper option but PVC external signs are generally susceptible to the elements, quickly become brittle and fade. What initially appears to be a cheaper option may, in fact, be false economy.

Quick Changes?

Do you need a flexible signage system that can be easily altered when organisational changes occur? Then consider a modular solution. Tension frame systems, normally made from aluminium extrusions that slot together, allow a section or sections of a sign to be replaced when needed. It is a flexible, cost-effective system designed for organisations that undergo frequent changes.

Thinking about illumination?

Illuminating a sign is a simple process but should you choose LED or fluorescent tube? Although the initial outlay of an LED solution is higher than traditional ‘tube’ lighting, it is generally less problematic, requires little maintenance and long-term, cheaper to run. Don’t forget, adding illumination may have planning implications and you also need to consider the cost of getting power to the sign location if a feed isn’t already present.

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