How does signage help build your brand?

In the world of business, building a strong brand identity is essential for success. Your brand represents who you are, what you stand for, and most importantly, how you want to be perceived by your target audience. Whilst there are a variety of things that add to brand building, one often overlooked but highly effective tool, is signage, including external and internal signage, office branding, and even wayfinding signage.

In this short blog post, we look at how signage, including wall branding, large format printing, building wraps and more, play a vital role in shaping your brand’s image and creating a lasting and hopefully profitable impression.

How does signage help build your brand?
  • Signage Boosts Your Brand’s Personality

    Every element of your branding, including your choice of colours and fonts, to the design and messaging, is a reflection of your brand's personality, and all of these elements can be boosted via well-designed and made signage. Professional wall branding signage, for instance, designed by a signage expert, allows you to showcase your brand's personality effectively across the walls of your office, warehouse, shop, or whatever premises your business is in.

    Other forms of signage, such as shopfront signage, window graphics, A-Boards, or various illuminated signage, also provide the same opportunity to get your brand personality out there and in front of a larger demographic.

  • Signage Enhances Brand Consistency

    When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Whether your customers see your brand online, in print or in person, they should always be greeted with consistency to some degree, ultimately something they recognise instantly as your brand.

    With certain types of signage, such as large format printed signage, you’re able to maintain that consistency by adding your brand's logo, colours, and messaging in a way that’s sure to catch anyone’s eye and create instant recognition.

  • Signage Makes Your Brand Visible

    In the advertising and marketing world, being seen is half the battle, and what better way for your brand to be seen than with signage such as a building wrap or a giant billboard advertising your latest product line or latest deal?

    It is hard to ignore this type of oversized, eye-catching signage, and when created by a professional sign maker and designer, your ad will reach a much broader demographic than many other forms of advertising.

  • Signage Enhances Your Brand's Professionalism

    High-quality signage, especially when it’s been designed, made and installed by a professional signage maker, is a powerful way to convey the sense of professionalism and credibility your brand/business needs. It might be a classic shopfront sign, a vehicle wrap, or an office wall branding installation, but when well executed, signage can demonstrate your brand's commitment to professionalism in a way other advertising mediums can’t.

  • Signage Creates Brand Recognition

    People tend to remember good physical signage more than the messages they read or hear, and an appealing and memorable sign, designed by a graphic designer can leave a lasting impression and a strong sense of brand recognition.

    In practice, brand recognition like this means when a potential customer needs the product or service you provide, because of the sign they saw earlier, it’s likely your brand will come to mind.

  • Signage Can Increase Brand Exposure

    Effective signage when placed strategically outside a shop or other retail space (especially in an area of high pedestrian traffic), acts to entice people in from the street to see what the business has to offer. With this extra foot traffic comes better brand exposure, and, once customers are inside the premises, you can increase that brand exposure with a series of other internal signage, such as wall branding or window graphics etc.

Looking to boost your brand with signage?

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