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How important is office branding?

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We’ve all seen those fully branded offices, you know the type – giant, free-standing coloured lettering, quirky window graphics, and illuminated signs with cartoon arrows and smiley faces etc.

And, whilst this form of branding looks great - what’s the point? Does office branding actually have a purpose or an advantage, other than being a logo display?

Office or workplace branding, does have a purpose, and one that goes much further than simply displaying your logo. In this short article, we’ll give you three powerful reasons, office branding is something all businesses, big and small should consider today.

How important is office branding?

1 - It increases productivity and motivation

Think about your office or place of work – have you ever wondered if the décor has any effect on your productivity or motivation? Whether we sit at a desk all day, or move around some type of workshop, all of us, whether we’re conscious of it or not, are affected by our surroundings.

Colour is one of the most important things that affects how we feel in our surroundings. The reason for this, is that all of us have a specific emotional response to certain colours, based on our personal experiences. In fact, studies have shown that in monochromatic white workplaces, workers usually feel uninspired, lack motivation and produce less.

With this understanding, it’s easy to see how office branding provides the perfect opportunity to reinspire and remotivate your workforce. At Future Signs & Graphics, we’ll provide you with all the colour you need, from exciting, high-impact wall graphics and images, illuminated interior signage, exterior signage, window graphics, logo banners, logo mats and much more.

2 - It encourages loyalty

Your employees loyalty to your brand is important for so many reasons, such as when they need to represent the brand away from the office, in meetings and on sales calls, but how do you encourage loyalty without expressly telling your employees to be loyal?

One of the most effective ways to encourage loyalty is by using office or workplace branding. By using high-impact or subtle, on-brand wall art, window graphics, free-standing lettering, themed office graphics, illuminated signage etc., you’ll create a surrounding where employees feel a sense of ownership and pride, without needing to be verbally reminded.

3 - It attracts more clients

When potential clients visit your office or workplace, you want them to feel comfortable, but you also want them to remember you and get an instant idea of your company’s culture, its ethos and brand value. If your office or workplace hasn’t been branded, and doesn’t have signage or art to represent who you are or what you do, the potential client may feel uninspired and unimpressed, and less likely to give you their business.

This is part of the reason, office or workplace branding is so effective. It’s an extension of your brand, and when done well, with the right graphics, art, illuminations and free-standing signage etc., it can set the scene and create a positive idea of the future for a client deciding if they want to work with you or not.

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