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Large Format Printing – What is it and is it Effective?

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Large format printing is everywhere. You could be walking through a busy city, a quiet village or down a country lane and encounter a number of large format print displays.

These displays could be in the form of billboards, window displays, graphics printed on building wraps, site hoarding, buses, taxis etc. But, there is more to large format printing, much of which we’ll go over in this short article.

What is large format printing?

To put it simply, large format printing is printing graphics on large rolls of material, such as paper, vinyl or canvas. Although large format printers are wider (18” to 100”), the basic process of large format printing is similar to the standard printing process.

Large Format Printing – What is it and is it Effective?

New technology in large format printing

Many large format printers, as well as producing superior, high-definition images on various materials, now integrate AI and Cloud technology. This technology has two key benefits, including:

Better collaboration – With the introduction of cloud-based software, customers can now easily collaborate on designs etc. throughout each phase of their large format project.

Faster turnaround - Large format printing is now a much faster process, thanks to the introduction of AI software that allows printers to be operated remotely and overnight without the need of a physical operator.

Materials used in large format printing

Depending on a signs use, large format graphics can be printed onto various materials (substrates). These materials include:

Paper (including photographic paper) – One of the most popular choices, paper is used for short-term installations both indoors and outdoors.

Vinyl – Vinyl is used for many long-term, outdoor installations, including vehicle wraps.

Canvas – Canvas is often used in the production of large-scale installations, such as building wraps, due to its ability to withstand the elements.

How effective is large format printing?

Large format printing has been proven to be a highly effective advertising method.

It’s backed up by science

In marketing psychology, it’s shown that most of us decide to buy a product or use a service based on an emotional decision, rather than thinking too deeply about the benefits the product or service might bring.

Try thinking back to some of those large, colourful and clever billboards that made you look up whilst walking or driving by. Think how the shear size of the ad set your emotions going and how that initial sighting led to you eventually make the purchase.

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