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Reasons to Use Site Hoarding

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What are construction site hoarding boards?

Construction site hoarding boards are temporarily placed wood or metal panels that surround the perimeter of a construction site. These panels may be reusable from site to site and are primarily used for safety and security on construction sites while work is being undertaken. Although safety and security are the main purposes of site hoarding, it is also a fantastic marketing tool. We’ve outlined below, five key reasons to use site hoarding boards.

Why use site hoarding?

1. It’s the law! Remember Safety First

Construction site hoarding is a requirement by law. Employers have the responsibility to take reasonable, practical steps to not expose the public to risks to their health and safety. The Construction Design and Management Regulations describe the details and official guidelines on what constitutes adequate building site hoarding and stipulate that these must be in place before any construction work is started.

The hoarding should define clear boundaries to manage access and prevent unauthorised entry to the site. Restricted areas help to protect the public from potential injury from falling objects, noise, dust, construction equipment, on-site vehicles and other hazards associated with construction sites.

Reasons to Use Site Hoarding

2. Project Security

While hoarding boards are often seen around construction sites and new developments, they may also be used to secure sporting events, outdoor concerts and music festivals. The physical barrier of the site hoarding presents a challenge for non-ticket holders who may try to sneak into your event.

On a construction site though, expensive tools and equipment may be left on site overnight. Securing your site with hoarding boards can help deter intruders and decrease the chances of your project being subject to burglary and theft.

3. Project Privacy

In addition to safety and security, you can use site hoarding to help keep your project under wraps. Work incognito to build and put the finishing details on your construction, then have a big reveal with the removal of the hoarding boards once your project is complete.

4. Great Advertising Tool

A marketing and advertising opportunity can be missed by leaving your hoardings blank. Instead, stir up interest and buzz about your project with visual depictions of what’s to come. Use graphics to showcase your project or business, advertise hiring opportunities, or provide the local community with details about the project or construction company. For sporting events and music festivals, site hoardings can be used to promote sponsors and their contributions.

A site hoarding in a busy central location will see a high volume of foot traffic and your ad may be viewed much more times than other methods of advertising.

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