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The Importance of Good Shop Signage

Create Awareness for Your Brand

Have you taken a moment to really think about the impact of shop signage?

Research has shown that if you do not have signage, or it is considered “inadequate”, there can be negative impacts on your business.

Did You Know

The signage of a business attracts 50% of its new customers in and there are several other statistics to highlight the importance of external signage:

1. 3 in 10 people do not know that you exist if you have no signage in front of your shop

2. Effective signage increases profits

3. For a high street business, 85% of their customers live within 5 miles of your premises and will see your signs on average 50 to 60 times per month.

4. 20% of the population move every year meaning that your signage is exposed all year around to new people.

The Importance of Good Shop Signage

5. Signage is a more cost-effective way of advertising your business than a newspaper advert or even TV advert.

In other words, poor or no signage at all costs your company business, connections and engagement every day.

Poor Signs are as Bad as No Sign at all!

Poor signage means something that doesn’t benefit your business; it does not set the right tone for your business, it tells the customer nothing and it is poorly designed, often with clashing colours that make it very difficult to read.

Make Your Signage Stand Out

Functionality - A sign is the silent salesperson of your business and draws attention to it therefore it is imperative that you created an excellent impression. Your signage should tell customers what your brand is about and create trust and reliability to your potential clients.

Type - There are many different types of signage from permanently mounted signs and illuminated signs to posters and roller banners. Each of these serves a different purpose depending on your requirements.

Significance - Don’t rush your signage design, its exposure is continuous so make sure it is careful designed.

Information - Think about what information will be most useful, don’t try to cram everything about your business on your signage. Vary the lettering and make sure capitals and bold text are used for important sections to make them stand out.

Internal and External Signage at Future Signs

At Future Signs we are signage experts, with over 20 years in the signage industry our experience will make sure your business will stand out amongst the competition. We offer a huge variety of both interior and exterior signage including Window Decals, Shop Signage, Street Signs and Site Hoarding. Our extensive industry knowledge has allowed us to build a reputation as being of the leading signage companies across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.